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  • "(I) feel (the) absence" by Julia Franceschi Guerra
  • "(Untitled)" by Nathan Yergler
  • "+" by Kristen Calder
  • "2021" by Leigh Giddy
  • "3D" by Vesna Ilievska
  • "A Passing Cloud" by Christen Anne Teo
  • "a sign of happiness, hope and new beginnings" by Mirjam Coolen
  • "A Sixth for Puck" by Kori Monthey
  • "A View" by Amelia Hemmings

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Open to printmakers around the world.

The Open Press in action, a small, accessible and portable etching press for everyone.

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I’m so happy to have been part of this Print Exchange and it was such a great feeling to open the package and see the beautiful tiny prints from all over the world. Very uplifting and just what I needed in this strange world of ours! It has created a feeling of positivity.

Moira McTague

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this exchange, the prints are beautiful! Can’t wait to frame them and hang them up.

Kim de Haan

I am amazed by the beautiful prints which arrived in the post. They are exquisite and I looking forward to having some time to sit with them and explore them properly.

Anna Marie O'Rourke