"Cabot Trail Road Works" by Robert Currie

"Cabot Trail Road Works" by Robert Currieieie

Robert Currie
"Cabot Trail Road Works"

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Technique: intaglio, lasercut
Social Media: @espyreflections
Print Number: 607

Have ever had the opportunity to visit the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia? If you said yes, then you have probably been witness to their unique form of "Follow Me" Road works trucks for construction areas. Instead of using traffic lights for one way traffic, workers have a Follow Me truck that guides you through the work area like a follow the leader rope from Kindergarten. While waiting for your turn to pass, you have an opportunity to converse with the workers to brighten up your day with their stories, humour and wit. This print was a photograph I captured during a recent trip, which was then laser etched onto a blank plastic card and then printed using my fuchsia mini 3D press using Charbonnel Van Dyck ink on Somerset Cold Pressed paper.

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