"The brewers" by Susanne Kerschhackl

"The brewers" by Susanne Kerschhacklkl

Susanne Kerschhackl
"The brewers"

Location: Ortenburg, Germany
Technique: etching
Social Media: @susanne.kerschhackl
Website: http://www.kerschhackl.com
Print Number: 803

I love to make etching, lithographs and watercolors for brewery branch. Because for me, tradition is enormously important and often is forgotten. Brewing beer is also an interesting and diverse cultural asset in all countries, so I have chosen this motif. My special passion are miniature pictures, therefore the 3D mini printing press is predestined for me.

Seen in the following exhibitions:
NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam, Netherlands in September 2023