"The Stranger" by Maschina

"The Stranger" by Andreas Joska-Sutanto

Andreas Joska-Sutanto
"The Stranger"

Location: Vienna
Technique: monotype
Social Media: @andreasjoskasutanto
Website: https://www.andreasjoskasutanto.at/
Print Number: 182

I used a self developed process called "Brazygraphy" for this print. It is a combination of classical monotype techniques and decalcomania. This is a two colored monotype I made with a self developed register system i constructed based on an Atoma puncher. Just recently I started using solvents in the printing process. Since this printing process is new, there is still so much to explore and discover that different ideas come to me each session.

Seen in the following exhibitions:
5/R Hall&Gallery, Nagoya, Japan in August 2022
Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany in October 2022
Kölner Graphikwerkstatt, Cologne, Germany in November 2022
The inPrint Collective, Toronto, Canada in April 2023March