"Timeless" by Juliane Petri

"Timeless" by Juliane Petriri

Juliane Petri

Location: Valencia, Spain
Technique: relief print
Social Media: @juliane_petri
Website: http://julianepetri.com
Print Number: 823

Sometimes instants could hold on for longer - a wish expressed visually playing with time and space. In memoriam of the photographer Eadweard Muybridge. I like very much the texture and edges of blockprinting. The printing texture converts the plane figure in a deep space.The plate was cut out from paperboard with a digital cutting machine in order to get sharp borders of the tiny man.The Fluor orange ink was aquarelled after. First I thought that I could print the two colors in one step by putting both plates together after inking. But specially the blue borders lost to much sharpeness then. I'm a graphic designer and It's so great the easiness of experimenting with this tiny press!

Seen in the following exhibitions:
Kölner Graphikwerkstatt, Cologne, Germany in September 2023